What to Wear to your Senior Portrait Session

Planning Your Senior Portrait Session

Planning for your senior portrait session can feel daunting. It’s most likely your first time having professional portraits taken, and you want to make sure everything is just right- the location, your outfit, your hair, everything. Making your parents happy with the photos is equally important too.

I’m here as a resource to guide you and answer any questions you may have about your senior portraits.

My goal is to make you look and feel your best in photos, and here is my advice to help you do just that.

What to Wear to Your Senior Portrait Session

1. Wear something you feel comfortable in. I don’t mean baggy old t-shirts and warn out jeans. I mean choose the pants that fit you well, your favorite shirt, or the dress that all your friends compliment you on when you wear it.

If you’re wearing a brand new outfit for the first time to your session, that’s probably not the best choice. Try on your outfits in the mirror at home, move around in them, and make sure you feel comfortable and confident. If you are feeling uncomfortable because your jeans are too tight, your tank top straps are falling down, or your shirt is super loose, you’re going to look as uncomfortable as as you feel in those clothes.

2. Pick colors that compliment you. I’ll use myself as an example. I’m pale as a ghost so you won’t catch me wearing light tans/whites to shoots because I’d look totally washed out. I like to wear darker colors like maroon, navy, and green for a nice contrast and a bolder look. I also have green eyes and like to wear greens to make them pop!


3. Try to avoid patterns/graphic t-shirts that are too distracting. If you have too many wild patterns or lots of text/imagery on your clothes, it’ll distract from your face. I like to recommend solids or simple patterns like subtle stripes and polka dots. Incorporating texture like in a jean jacket or pleated shirt are also nice ways to create an interesting look without having your clothes steal the show.

4. Bring at least two wardrobe changes to the shoot. All my session packages offer 2+ wardrobe changes because I love variety and want my clients to have choices. I recommend bringing a more casual look and a dressier look for your senior portraits. I like to aim for the everyday you and then the little more dressed up you. And I’m not recommending that you whip out a full 3 piece suit for the dressier look-  just a collared shirt, or a classy blazer for the dressier look will do the trick.

5. Props! If you play on a team, if you’re a dancer, if you’re in the band, or an avid horseback rider – I want you to bring your passion with you to the session. I love incorporating jerseys, sports equipment, instruments, tap shoes, etc. in to my senior portrait sessions. Props (aka having something to do with your hands) can help you feel more relaxed when posing in front of the camera. More importantly, they highlight what makes you unique and what your passions are.

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