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Why Every Photographer Should Visit Moab

I’m laughing as I try to find a way to begin this post because the first word that comes to mind as I describe our trip is WOW. Kelsey Haley Media, NAC Photography and I said WOW so many times as we drove through the southeast corridor of Utah, I think you could have made a drinking game out of it and ended up on the floor really quickly.

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Grits Rule

That’s what you’ll read along the banner of Ellen’s Restaurant here in Dallas: “Grits Rule”. If that doesn’t say welcome to the south, then I don’t know what does!

Being from New England, things like “grits” aren’t really in my vocabulary so it was quite the interesting and exciting experience to work with Ellen’s Restaurant and all it’s southern flair last week. The Ellen’s team sources and combines their ingredients in incredibly thoughtful ways to make absolutely delicious dishes with a southern twist. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve eaten before.

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