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Best Places to Take Photos in Dallas

Over the past three years of living downtown in the Big D, I’ve been lucky to shoot in a lot of really cool locations. When I first moved here, I spent a wholeee lotta time on Pinterest and scouring the internet to find some of the most picture-worthy local spots to visit. So in spirit of giving back to the online community that helped me navigate the city, here’s my contribution: the 5 best spots to take photos in Dallas.

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How to Start Your Photography Business in a New State

Equal parts exciting and scary, right? Three years ago, I found myself in the exact same position you’re in. I didn’t know one single person in the whole state of Texas. Every friend, job and client I am lucky to now have in my life came from scratch. If I can do it, so can you. This advice all comes from the standpoint of a photographer, but I truly feel these tips can be applied to any business owner who is relocating. What I’m here to tell you is: it’s completely doable and here’s how.

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6 Tips You Need to Know for Planning Your Wedding According to Vendors

Since engagement season is in full-swing, I thought it would be fun to share the top six tips for planning your wedding from the perspective of your favorite local vendors. I truly feel understanding and trust help build quality vendor-client relationships and turn them into long lasting friendships along the way. We all want to help you create the wedding of your dreams, and we hope this advice helps you start your planning on the right foot!

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