6 Tips You Need to Know for Planning Your Wedding According to Vendors


Over the years of being a wedding photographer, I have been fortunate to share in the celebration of so many love stories and also to learn some valuable lessons from the vendors who bring couples’ dream weddings to life. Since engagement season is in full-swing, I thought it would be fun to share the top six tips for planning your wedding from the perspective of some of my favorite local vendors. I truly feel understanding and trust help build quality vendor-client relationships and turn them into lasting friendships along the way. We all want to help you create the wedding of your dreams, and we hope this advice helps you kick off your planning on the right foot!


1. The invitations.

Invitation designer Brown Fox Creative advises her clients to remember that the invitation is the first look at your wedding’s aesthetic. She explains that “if you’re going with a templated (formated) design, ask yourself is it formal? Is it casual? Are boots, Wrangler jeans and a cowboy hat appropriate? Or should guests be in a tux and full-length gown?”. Your invite should convey your wedding’s style. She also recommends “if you’re going custom, work with a professional that you connect with- they’ll take care of the aforementioned, and guide you through everything you need to know”.

2. The cake.

teal and orange cake

According to Lizzie Lin Johnson of Boston-based Lizzie’s Bakery, her number one tip would be “pick what you want!”. Lizzie has seen that many couples are always thinking about their huge guest list and what kind of cake they will all like, so a lot of couples settle on boring flavors or what they think everyone else will enjoy. Her takeaway message is that “it’s the couples’ big day, so they should be able to choose whatever flavor they want!”


3. The photography.

monika normand photography bridesmaids laughing

My number one tip for couples is to find a photographer whose portfolio of work fits your style, but also find someone who you enjoy being around. Since your photographer will be trusted to capture all the important moments and details of your wedding day, they will also be by your side more than nearly anyone else throughout the day. You want to feel comfortable around that person and not feel put off by their presence, personality, or professional demeanor. I’m known for making my clients laugh and joking with them and their guests to help keep the mood light. But, if that’s not your style, be sure to find that photographer who you click with!


4. The dress.

dress warehouse

Whether you have had the perfect dress in mind since you were a little girl or you have no idea what your style is, the number one recommendation from the Western Mass-based Bridal Corner is to step out of your comfort zone and be open-minded! They explained that “most dresses don’t look nearly as great on the hanger as they do on your body. The consultant knows what the dresses in the store will look like on each bride’s body shape. Trust them and don’t be afraid to try something on that is outside of what you may have come in thinking that you wanted”.


5. The makeup.

makeup artist bride

I asked Newport/Boston professional makeup artist, Jennifer Viveiros, what her best advice for brides would be, and she brought up two great points. Jennifer says “my number one piece of advice is to use reference pictures! A bride might say she wants a smokey eye, but what a smokey eye is to me, isn’t what one may look like to you.” She also mentioned, “don’t veer too far off from your normal look. If you are a more natural girl, step it up a little, but your wedding day isn’t the day to try winged eyeliner. You will have those pictures forever. Stay away from trends, and keep it classic!”


6. The venue.

Find a venue that you can envision your wedding taking place at, whether it is held indoors or outdoors. With the rainy wedding season I experienced in 2018, many ceremonies and entire weddings had to be moved inside. Most couples visit venues and fall in love with the outdoor space, but it’s so important to be okay (and hopefully just as happy) with the backup/indoor plan. From a photographer’s perspective, photos can be very different depending on location, lighting, and time of day so be sure you like the indoor setting as backdrop for photos should inclement weather force you to take your party inside.



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